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Companies - Public areas

It's all about getting the company's profile & image. To build and strengthen the brand.
And to look into your company's core and soul. To shape it in the best way based on who you are and the needs you have.
The goal is to achieve a harmonious and functional interior.
To create your optimum working environment with color, lighting, furnishing and details.
We see your company with new eyes. We give you new inspiration, new solutions and simply a more beautiful workplace.

AREA has a wide experience of interior design for various businesses, as a reference object we have both office environments / kindergartens / showrooms / shops / café / hotels areas etc.

We have also a great talent in creating events with different themes and designing fair stands and window displays.
Please contact us for further information ! info@areainteior.se








Åsberg Interiör & Styling, Sockerbruket 1, 414 51 Göteborg
Mobil: 0707-31 54 34, E-post: info@areainterior.se