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For several years, Pernilla has worked with various types of newspaper assignments and editorials.
It started with Ikea Family Magazine, where she searched for homes and locations, designed aswell as coordinated reporting in private homes. Often these are made on the basis of a brief, from the English communications agency August Media, with different focus and themes.

In addition to Ikea photography, Pernilla has also worked with the English photographer James Silverman. In their collaboration, they have been focused on the foremost in Swedish architecture.
In many assignments, Pernilla has also written text. They have been published in both Swedish and international journals.

For over 10 years, Pernilla has worked closely with photographer Lina Ikse. They published a large number of interior articles in Swedish, European magazines.

In addition, she also performs assignments that are focused on inspiration, themes, trend, image and script for various clients, including magazines, advertising photos / films, tradeshows, shops, events and media.

Since there is considerable experience in finding good locations for different assignments, we can also help with this service.

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