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Private Homes

We work to get the best aspects of the home based on your needs and desires. The goal is to achieve a harmonious and functional interior with the help of color, lighting, furniture and details.


When we come to your home, we see it with new eyes; we listen to your dreams, your life and your needs. We give you new inspiration, new solutions; simply a more beautiful home based on who you are. Of course, this is a perfect time to bounce ideas.

We give suggestions on what you just want help with. You will then receive a document with core information of what we have reached.
Price: SEK 2900 incl VAT. ( incl. transport and 1 hour at your home)

Do you want help with further furnishing, styling, advices we have the following options:

Interior design fee per hour : 900 sek incl VAT. Free first meeting for specified quotation/offer.

Estimated prices:

Step 2 (approx. SEK 7,000-10,000)

Here we show good room feeling and lighting with the help of a plan sketch. You also get a moodboard and a specified shopping list.
Based on these tools, you have an exact list of what your new room should look like. We help you with purchasing suggestions, then with good discounts from our suppliers.
Since lighting is something most people find difficult, we obviously highlight the lighting on the floor plan.
Step 1 includes a reconciliation meeting after planning has been completed. We can also advise on good craftsmen if this is needed.

Step 3 (from SEK 10,000 )

We implement the change and give your room / home a new modern look based on your needs.
Here we take a holistic approach and project management the implementation based on reconciled proposals. We give the room a new look with new furniture, color scheme and interior details such as flowers, wall decorations, textiles and lighting of the home. If desired we can also offer painting / wallpaper or carpentry services.
Transport and delivery costs and purchases are added.



Åsberg Interiör & Styling, Sockerbruket 1, 414 51 Göteborg
Mobil: 0707-31 54 34, E-post: info@areainterior.se